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Works In Progress
Water Projects
  • Xixi Umbrellas
  • Floating umbrella sculptures in the Xixi Wetland Park of Hangzhou, China

  • Terra Fugit
  • A park design that explores the changing Everglades environment to help visitors relate to a rapidly transforming landscape

  • WaterWorks at Arizona Falls
  • A permanent installation at an old hydropower station

  • A MoonTide Garden
  • A waste site transformed into a meditative rock garden that interacts with the tides of Portland, ME

  • Drawn Water
  • A permanent piece at the Cambridge, MA Water Treatment Plant about where water comes from and where it goes

  • The Bronx River Golden Ball
  • An annual event in the Bronx and Westchester Co., NY, where the ball focuses diverse communities on the river

  • Kenduskeag Roots
  • Four sites along the river trail using fallen trees and recorded sound

  • River Runes
  • A trail of installations focused on the river at Art Park

  • Winding Down the Charles
  • A performance piece in Cambridge, MA about the length of the river and time

  • River
  • An illusionary river of water, light, and shadow

  • Communal Well
  • A participatory installation in Hawaii about drinking water

  • Reclamation Art
  • Reclamation Artists Boston