Earth, Water, Wind

Earth Water Wind

Located at the Airport Terminal, at the beginning or end of a trip, our art proposal focuses on important aspects of flying in a plane, traversing the globe and coming into the airport.

However routine and blandly stressful flying has become, there is still magic in a plane traveling on the wind. We can now have an image showing the wind in real time throughout the globe. We all breathe and travel the same air. The earth has become a single connected entity, fixed in our mental image as seen from space and can be reached from this airport, bridging over separate continents, national boundaries and local concerns.

As this airport is in a landlocked desert, water becomes the stuff of life and the subject of dreams. Like the winds, the oceans are connected throughout the globe. We propose to take people at the airport into an experience of these global phenomena involving the wind, the water and the earth. We will make a 27 foot diameter hollow globe mounted over the escalators in the western atrium. The areas of the oceans will be glazed with blue safety glass or fiberglass and the areas of the continents will be left open. The people riding the escalators will be moving through the globe, immersed in its interior. The wind patterns throughout the globe will be streamed in real time and projected onto the interior surfaces mapped onto the area of the oceans. This interior will be light and open, but will be remembered as a special place at the beginning or end of a journey.



A Public Art Proposal by Mags Harries and Lajos Héder

  • Materials: Glass, steel, video projection
  • Size: Globe 27′ diameter
  • Location: Proposal for International Airport
  • Budget: $1,200,000
  • Artists: Mags Harries and Lajos Héder
  • Video and renderings: Michael Born and Del Jackson