Water Projects

Windows on the Floating World

A project using refracted light and other day/night lighting effects for a new mixed-use building

Xixi Umbrellas

Floating umbrella sculptures in the Xixi Wetland Park of Hangzhou, China

Terra Fugit

A park design that explores the changing Everglades environment to help visitors relate to a rapidly transforming landscape

WaterWorks at Arizona Falls

A permanent installation at an old hydropower station

A MoonTide Garden

A waste site transformed into a meditative rock garden that interacts with the tides of Portland, ME

Drawn Water

A permanent piece at the Cambridge, MA Water Treatment Plant about where water comes from and where it goes

The Bronx River Golden Ball

An annual event in the Bronx and Westchester Co., NY, where the ball focuses diverse communities on the river

Kenduskeag Roots

Four sites along the river trail using fallen trees and recorded sound

River Runes

A trail of installations focused on the river at Art Park

Winding Down the Charles

A performance piece in Cambridge, MA about the length of the river and time


An illusionary river of water, light, and shadow

Communal Well

A participatory installation in Hawaii about drinking water

Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay

Proposal for the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon

Reclamation Art

Reclamation Artists Boston