Streets, Walks & Plazas


A project using refracted light and other day/night lighting effects for a new mixed-use building

Meeting Place

A green community oasis in the Downtown Greenway, Greensboro, NC

SunFlowers, An Electric Garden

Sculptural solar collectors provide shade and lighting for a bike path


A multifaceted project for the new South Mountain Community Library, connecting people through words to the landscape of South Phoenix

The Zanjero’s Line

A recreational path along 4 miles of the Highline Canal in South Phoenix, AZ

The Benefit of Mr. Kite

Re-envisioning a walkway in San Diego, CA into a choreographed path of light and color

Arbors & Ghost Trees

Bus stops and shaded arbors as markers of transformation and memory along a major road in South Phoenix, AZ

Topiary – A Twenty Year Project

A sculptural gateway to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Zoo that measures time with growing boxwood

Mud Life of the Maumee

Whimsical drawings of small creatures choreograph movement along paths in a Toledo, OH neighborhood park

Asaroton, 1976

Bronze garbage embedded in a Boston crosswalk commemorates a produce market.

The Big Question

Creating an active and thought-provoking gathering space alongside The Science Center of Iowa

Wall Cycle to Ocotillo

A trail of 20 sculpture sites mitigating between 5 miles of highway and neighborhoods in Phoenix

Light Gate

Glass laminated with prismatic film captures the sunset for the Centennial Art Project for Manhattan Beach, CA


Video collaboration by Mags Harries & Catherine Siller for Art on the Marquee at the Boston Convention Center