Working with Buildings

Man from City Hall

Boston City Hall becomes a giant character for First Night celebrations


A project using refracted light and other day/night lighting effects for a new mixed-use building

Terpsichore for Kansas City

Turning a 1000 car parking garage into a musical instrument in Kansas City, MO

The Benefit of Mr. Kite

Re-envisioning a walkway in San Diego, CA into a choreographed path of light and color

Terullian Mantle

A multi-part response to the International Day Parade of New York City’s Public School 89

Glove Cycle

Gloves go through a life cycle while leading passengers down into a Cambridge subway station

Pillars of Thought

Transforming architectural elements into guardians of thought in the Scottsdale Public Library

Drawn Water

A permanent piece at the Cambridge, MA Water Treatment Plant about where water comes from and where it goes

300 Summer Street

An artist-owned live/work studio building in Boston’s Fort Point area with recycled steel plate sculpture for the public spaces

City at the Falls

A terrazzo floor and lighted ceiling brings the river and the city into the Louisville Convention Center