Light, Sound & Peformance

Man from City Hall

Boston City Hall becomes a giant character for First Night celebrations


A project using refracted light and other day/night lighting effects for a new mixed-use building

Terpsichore for Kansas City

Turning a 1000 car parking garage into a musical instrument in Kansas City, MO

SunFlowers, An Electric Garden

Sculptural solar collectors provide shade and lighting for a bike path


A multifaceted project for the new South Mountain Community Library, connecting people through words to the landscape of South Phoenix

Pillars of Thought

Transforming architectural elements into guardians of thought in the Scottsdale Public Library

The Bronx River Golden Ball

An annual event in the Bronx and Westchester Co., NY, where the ball focuses diverse communities on the river

Light Gate

Glass laminated with prismatic film captures the sunset for the Centennial Art Project for Manhattan Beach, CA


Video collaboration by Mags Harries & Catherine Siller for Art on the Marquee at the Boston Convention Center

Lucid Moment

Bringing together light, liquid, movement, and space


Reclaiming a derelict tennis court with sound and nylon straps

One Legged Table

Bringing communities to the table to discuss global warming

The Gallo Wars of Civitella

Video work by Mags Harries and Lajos Héder