Man from City Hall

Boston City Hall becomes a giant character for First Night celebrations

Portrait Chairs

Seats of honor for readers in Norfolk, MA

In the Dense Words

A book environment for a book distribution company

Glove Cycle

Gloves go through a life cycle while leading passengers down into a Cambridge subway station

Asaroton, 1976

Bronze garbage embedded in a Boston crosswalk commemorates a produce market.

Ben’s Circular Tower

A place for storytelling and imagination on top of Boston’s Mission Hill


An oversized table creates a fanciful gateway in a Cambridge middle school

Drawn Water

A permanent piece at the Cambridge, MA Water Treatment Plant about where water comes from and where it goes

300 Summer Street

An artist-owned live/work studio building in Boston’s Fort Point area with recycled steel plate sculpture for the public spaces

The Bay Circuit Trail

A community project traversing the “Emerald Necklace” surrounding Boston


Video collaboration by Mags Harries & Catherine Siller for Art on the Marquee at the Boston Convention Center

Winding Down the Charles

A performance piece in Cambridge, MA about the length of the river and time

Speed of Light

Mags’ students illuminate the future route of transit connecting eight communities around Boston


An illusionary river of water, light, and shadow

Lucid Moment

Bringing together light, liquid, movement, and space

Three Gardens

Domestic scale gardens make intimate spaces on the grounds of the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA

One Legged Table

Bringing communities to the table to discuss global warming

Our Charles River

Exploring the connections between people, water and rivers

Reclamation Art

Reclamation Artists Boston