Recent Commission: Southstar Lofts, Philadelphia, PA

Artsit's conception of public art project LightPlay at the SouthStar Lofts

Mags and Lajos’ proposal LightPlay was recently selected for the Southstar Lofts public art project on Broad & South Street in Philadelphia, PA.  The project will use refracted light and other day/night lighting effects for this new mixed-use building.  This is a Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority Percent for Art project.

South Mountain Communities Poem Project

Working with the South Mountain Community Library, poet Alberto Ríos collected and edited submissions from the community a line, phrase, “tweet”, short memory or observation for the creation of a collective poem about the South Mountain area. To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Library, the poem will be recorded and included on the Acoustic Chairs of Passage. The poem will also be printed on a bookmark and distributed at the anniversary celebration.